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The Ultimate Resource for Character Ratings

A subscription to E-Score Character provides a database of real and rendered characters associated with a variety of media properties, consumer products, and brands. It offers an in-depth look at the key drivers of appeal across media such as television, video games, packaging, apparel and toys. With 36 attribute ratings and multiple demographic breaks for each character, E-Score Character delivers everything you need to make strategic decisions on licensing, product extension, and entertainment opportunities.

Character Kids & Tots

E-Score Character is also available in two versions geared specifically towards capturing the attitudes of younger clientele. With E-Score Character Kids and Character Tots, you'll hear directly from kids ages 6 - 12 and 2 - 5, respectively, with parental permission and in surveys designed to speak their language.

Use E-Score Character to:

  • Identify new licensing opportunities for games, television, film and branding
  • Track changes in consumer perception
  • Determine the strength of character properties among parents and kids
  • Determine appropriateness for specific age groups


  • Real & Rendered Characters - from Captain Kirk to Cap'n Crunch and beyond
  • Split name and image awareness - a realistic assessment of true recognition
  • Power Factors - identify key factors that drive appeal
  • 36 character attributes - determine the drivers of appeal with positives/negatives
  • Extendibility/licensing opportunities - consumer interest in character across various media
  • Monthly fielding - timely, relevant information available online 24/7
  • Category averages - benchmark attributes of successful characters
  • Open-end responses - qualitative insight into appeal
  • Dynamic custom filtering - sort and manipulate data. Get information the way YOU want it at no extra cost

Captains Kirk to Crunch

Get Access:

  • Annual subscription - provides unlimited online access to the entire database of over 1,000 characters including historical trends, category averages and quarterly analysis.
  • Customized packages - tailor made reporting and research to fit specific budgets and research goals.

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Part of the MediaSYNC family

E-Poll's suite of sophisticated research products, and easy-to-use online system, called MediaSYNC, give even the most basic user the power to access sophisticated research with the click of a button.

E-Score Character is designed to work effectively with other products in E-Poll's powerful MediaSYNC suite by utilizing common attributes and tools to find connections, trends and opportunities across products.

The suite includes E-Score Celebrity, E-Score Brand, E-Score Character, E-Score Music and Program Pulse.

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