Why you can depend on E-Poll solutions:

  • Uncover your customers' attitudes and points of passion.
  • Reach your target audience quickly with our proprietary panel.
  • Get unparalleled access to your current and potential customers.
  • No other company offers the range of market-tested solutions.
  • Over two decades of trends.
  • Unrivaled immediacy, pricing and service.
  • Maintaining research integrity in a social media universe.

Our Expertise:

  • Ad Effectiveness

    Measure the impact of ad executions on awareness, changes in perception and purchase intent.Learn More »
  • Brand Development

    Measure strategies for positioning and communication based on brand goals. Identify market opportunities and obstacles to adoption among your consumers.
  • Digital/Mobile

    Reach multi-platform digital consumers. Test any variation of creative formats of content for engagement and advertising impact.
  • Streaming TV

    Track attitudes, behaviors, and usage of streaming TV content and OTT viewing. Identify trends and opportunities in this fast-moving market.Learn More »
  • Entertainment

    Evaluate content from soup to nuts − from concept, titles, storylines, pilot/promo testing to series maintenance and secondary market viability. Secure MediaSafe® video technology available.
  • Kids

    We know kids. Talk to kids, teens and their parents about products, characters, brands, toys and entertainment programming.
  • Licensing

    Determine your equity and extension opportunities in the licensing marketplace. Test concepts, executions and new product categories with your targeted consumers.