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Why clients depend on the E-Score suite of products:

  • Reveals the strength of your bond with your consumer.
  • The only product providing an equity score and consumer comments.
  • Up-to-the-minute data, anytime, anywhere.
  • Over a decade of trends.
  • Millions of data points organized in one place.
  • So simple, even your boss can use it.


Access appeal, equity and endorsement potential, and compare norms for all types of advertising and program needs. Scores on more than 13,000 celebrities, athletes and newsmakers updated weekly.

E-Score Celebrity »


Illustrates the nature of the bond and affinity consumers have with your brand. Compare across demographics or competitors. Fielded monthly with over 3,000 brands in the database.

E-Score Brand »


Uncovers character DNA, drivers of appeal and unique traits and attributes that distinguish your characters in the market. 6,000+ characters fielded with 14 years of trends.

E-Score Character »


The only product that exposes the attitudes that shape future viewing. Allows effortless searches for your passionate and potential viewers. More than 6,000 programs tracked over 10+ years.

E-Score Programs »


Evaluate the popularity of bands and musicians, and determine the intensity of interest fans have for future consumption of concerts, music and merchandise.

E-Score Music »


Discover who has highest endorsement potential and track changes in overall athlete equity. Timely results of over 2,000 athletes, coaches and sports announcers.

E-Score Sports »