The authority on character equity and extendibility.

Why you'll love it

  • Tells you why a character is appealing and to whom.
  • Dozens of attributes reveal character DNA.
  • Extend your character's market viability to new product categories.
  • Fielded quarterly, with more than 14 years of trends.

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E-Score Suite

Each designed to work together to provide you the ultimate "single source" experience.


Access appeal, equity and endorsement potential on more than 13,000 celebrities, athletes and newsmakers.


Illustrates the nature of the bond consumers have with over 3,000 brands.


Uncovers the DNA that distinguishes and drives appeal on 6,000+ characters.


Exposes attitudes that shape future viewing of more than 6,000 programs.


Reveals the intensity of interest fans have for concerts, music and merchandise.


Discover the highest endorsement potential and overall equity of 2,000+ athletes.